You go to the Gala-Yuzawa Shinkansen, one day enjoy the sled.

Go skiing with your kids.

Can not play in the snow in Tokyo. Snow Country is my childhood I grew up was normal to play in the snow. Therefore, highly convenient and close to Tokyo, go skiing together, I tried to play in the snow fun.

Going to take the Shinkansen from Tokyo to ski.

Ski resort close to Tokyo, Yamanashi, Nagano, Niigata, and Fukushima and located in the outer edge of the Kanto Plain. This website, the Gala-Yuzawa ski resort high in the most convenient, and then how to go about with your kids.

Enjoy the ski sled.

Children are not accustomed to snow skiing can not. So, to get accustomed to snow ski, not the first sled to play. Skiing is not only fun sled. Gala-Yuzawa ski resort has been prepared to space children play in the sled. There seems to be more similar to other ski resorts.

The trip back to Tokyo by Shinkansen.

Snow also say how much they liked playing in the sled hanged 4-5 hours is sufficient. Feel free to go easily as you are, rather than accommodation, morning, go to the ski resort from Tokyo by Shinkansen in the evening, you can enjoy a fun trip back to Tokyo by bullet train sled.

How much cash is needed.

Gala-Yuzawa ski resort, but overall is in the management of JR East's subsidiaries. Therefore, ski rental price, cost of dining restaurant, gift shop and vending machines for most products and services, instead of cash payments PASMO or Suica can be used. Not available in the locker room fee (1000 yen) long.

1. How to buy ticket

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How to enjoy a day go by bullet train to the sled at the GALA-Yuzawa ski resort, who lives in Tokyo, Chiyoda-ku, and child care as one of the ways men get maternity leave have experience working in financial institutions, Chuo-ku. Also, another site child-care leave by men with experience "how to get maternity leave for men" is also introduced.

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